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If you are always on the road and if you see yourself buying books or sharing spontaneously on social media in moments of inspiration, the Kindle 3G Touch might just be for you.

Kindle 3G Touch ereader

It is hard to find a teacher these days that you can rely on and confide in. I know such a person, Ms. Diana Webster. She has been a big help to me, and I wanted to give her a gift for teacher’s day. I researched the Amazon Kindle 3G Touch and decided it was the gift for her. She is always reading and she always has thick novels in her hand bag. The Kindle Touch 3G boast no physical buttons; Amazon has finally design an e-reader with touch screen. Very similar to the Fire in functionality with enabling finger input using infrared sensors, on the Crisp E Ink display. The 3G Kindle Touch is basically an entry level Amazon Kindle with an upgrade of impressive features like the x-ray feature and the QWERTY virtual keyboard. The X-Ray is a feature that allows you to get more in-depth into your books. The QWERTY virtual keyboard enables you to notes and the shopping experience is easier.

Kindle 3G Touch: Appearance and Feel

The grey plastic bezel and the Kindle 3G Touch’s slimmer design make it look more attractive than the Nook Touch, when it is turned off. With dimensions 6.8˝ x 4.7˝ x 0.40˝ and weighing in at 7.5 ounces and the lighter shade of grey than the non-touch Kindle, makes the new Refurbished Kindle Touch easier on the eyes to focus on the screen

The experience that you get reading with Kindle Touch Refurbished is more relaxing, you are able to thumb tap lightly anywhere on the side of the screen to turn pages. You can use only one hand to operate the device and the other to hold a drink, text a friend or control your music as you read.

Kindle 3G Touch: Design and Style

The design of the kindle touch 3g

The Kindle 3G Touch is similar to the old Kindle with it slender figure and lightweight but weighs more than the non-touch design. The extra weight may be insignificant however, when reading for a long time the weight becomes significant. It is a minor problem, nothing to break your back.

Simple still in design, with the lone home key at the bottom and center of the reader and will give you access to the main menu if you chose to do direct instead of going through another menu.

The power switch, the headphone jack and the USB port are located at the bottom of the Kindle Refurb. The USB is used for charging the device and data transfer, while the headphone jack is used for music and audiobooks. A set of speakers are posted at the back of the device, to be used with audiobooks or text to speech but they seem to be too underpowered to be of any significant use.

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Kindle 3G Touch: Display and Reading experience

3g kindle touch display

The 6-inch E Ink display of the Kindle 3G Touch makes it pleasurable to read books even in direct sunlight. It offers 600p x 800p pixel resolution and that calculates to 167 pixels per inch and also boasts 16 shades of gray. The same crispness of the fonts, as they appear on the non-touch, is present on the touch with the touch capability of the device being the only difference. The fonts of the Kindle Touch 3G are a bit lighter than the non-touch Kindle but are only recognizable when the devices are placed together, side by side. This Certified Refurbished Kindle seemed better to me. For each line and word spacing, you get 3 choices of 8 text size and 3 fonts. Pages are refreshed after 6 page turns and are turned quickly or a caching scheme is employed which fades out the old and fades in the new letters.

Most of the 3G Kindle Touch’s screen acts as a Next Page button; you don’t need to swipe pages when reading a book on the device. The left edge and near to the top of the screen working as a Previous Page button and the area that will bring up the menu and toolbar respectively. You can just tap the screen to activate these features. Taping the area at the top of the screen will give you access to your library, you can organize and choose an e-book to read or if you hold down on your tap it gives you options for the book. Looking like a speaker grille on photos is the hardware Home Button at the bottom of the Kindle refurb that returns you at any point to the homescreen.

Kindle 3G Touch: Interface

Device navigation, page turns, note taking, and searches are all done via touch on this device, and that is when the infrared beam is interrupted by your finger, then device registers a touch

The lack of hardware buttons makes the Kindle 3G Touch truly different from its virtual cousins. It replaces the physical buttons with the IR-based ouch interface, that has two thin sensors are on the sides of the screen. Everything is done by touching on this device except for the home button applications.

A text list, which is quite simple, of the contents similar in all other Kindles is the same home screen displayed with the new Refurbished Kindle Touch. The list can be sorted by title, author or by date added. Thanks to the thumbnail book covers, the Nook’s home screen has much more appeal graphically.

A new tool bar that include a back arrow is at the Kindle Touch 3G’s homescreen. It also includes a Menu button and a search box with a drop down menu. You are able to search the Kindle store, Wikipedia, your device and the built-in dictionary with this search menu.

The menu options vary depending on your applications and mode of operations. Archiving content, creating collections, and device syncing to look for new content are available in the Menu pop up on the homescreen. Turning on or turning the wireless, viewing notes and marks, shopping the Kindle store, book syncing to the furthest point read, bringing up a book description, adding a bookmark and turning on or turning off the text-to-speech feature are available from the Menu pop button options when inside a book.

The EasyReach is the navigation system of 3G Kindle Touch within books that separates the screen into three basic regions. Tool bars are launched at the top and the bottom of the screen when you slightly tap the top of the display. For turning the page to the previous page you tap the far left of the display and for moving content, you can touch everywhere else on the screen. Swiping from side to side or tapping either side of the screen turns the page and for chapter jumps, you can swipe from top to bottom or vice versa.

Similar to what Barnes & Noble offers with the option to physical buttons with the Nook Simple Touch would be more appreciated here. I had to read the entire users guide to fully understand the workings of the EasyReach, but it was smooth sailing for me once I had gone through it all. It is easy to use and very responsive.

Kindle 3G Touch: Shortcuts

Long pressing on a title on the Home screen displays a thumbnail of a book cover and this is just one of the many hidden features of Kindle 3G Touch. There are a lot more if you know where to look. The long press on the home screen also gives you a menu of option. These option includes the sorting of the book into a collection or jumping to a specific spot in the book or viewing notes or even reading a books description.

Customizing the font, jumping to a specific place, or syncing to the furthest point read is done by tapping the top end of the screen while inside a book which launches the bottom tool bar for the application. The displays below the tool bar matches the physical book page number to the one you’re are currently reading, but only some e-books have this feature.

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Kindle 3G Touch: Keyboards and ads

Kindle 3g touch keyboard

The keyboard of the Kindle Touch Refurbished that requires the directional pad is more difficult than the on-screen keyboard of the Kindle Touch. Small white square keys appear on the screen when you touch the top of the homescreen on the search box. These keys are toward the bottom of the page and are on a black background. I was able to type accurately with the good deal of space I had between the keys on the Kindle Touch 3G similar to that of  myTouch 4G Slide Smartphone touchscreen.

If you’re on a budget the ads-supported cost less by $40 compared to the no-ads version and the ads are not in any way distracting. The ads-supported version may be what is for you if you have a limited budget.

Advertisers target people like you letting you know about their products and services that might actually make your life easier. The ads are purchased specifically by who might be interested and a lot of people find the ads to be quite useful.

Kindle 3G Touch: Connectivity and Net Browsing

No fee built-in free 3G connectivity because Amazon pays for Kindle 3G Touch’s wireless connectivity. There is no wireless setup; it uses the same wireless signals that cell phones use, ready to shop, purchase, and read right out of the box. The easiest option because there are no monthly fees or commitments. You don’t have to worry about finding a Wi-Fi hotspot connection; the built in 3G enables you to download books anytime, anywhere, while on the go. It is a great option for traveling, with wireless coverage in a hundred countries and territories. The Kindle Touch 3G is more like free 3G plus free Wi-Fi.

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  • Internet

Still not as seamless as experience of surfing on the iPad, but the new WebKit browser is an improvement when compared to its predecessors. Sites with heavy multimedia sites looks as they should, at the top of the page the rotating feature art refreshes on a regular basis, and rendering complex style sheet, is as would be expected. Quick search of your library, the dictionary, Wikipedia, the Kindle store or the entire web, for any term can be done by using the Search feature on the 3G Kindle touch.

Kindle 3G Touch: Multimedia

  • Audio

If the Voice Guide feature is turned on, from the Settings menu, when you switch back and forth between listening and reading your spots will be saved. Periodical books can be read to you with the Text-to-Speech feature. This feature also reads aloud the menu option.

Connecting your device to your PC via USB enable you to transfer MP3 music files to your Kind Kindle Touch Refurbished.

Kindle refurb owners get access to up to 60,000 books through the partnership of read by Audible.com and Amazon. My Amazon accounts and Audible account are automatically linked and it only took a couple of minutes over Wi-Fi to download The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett the Audible app on my Smartphone and the narration of John Lee on the Kindle, through headphones sounded very similar. One free credit per month is earned by making an Audible subscription which starts at $14.99 each month. Most Audible e-books cost a credit.

  • Games

The Kindle 3G Touch is compatible with some games, both free and paid although it is not a device primarily designed for game playing

The boggle like word game, Thread Words got my attention for a while, but is not that intriguing to keep me interested.

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Kindle 3G Touch: Innovative Features

  • Xray

Some eBooks sync button is replaced with the new X-Ray feature in the bottom tool bar. This feature of Kindle 3G Touch offers information similar those in the Cliff Notes. Information like where or how often a particular character or specific term might appear. Touching the character Matthew Starr’s name in the book ‘In Heat Wave’ by Richard Castle X-Ray brought up a brief description of the character, with the option to visit Shelfari to find out more. It also gave a list of pages and passages he appeared in the story, below that.

If you are connected to the net, when you press the Shelfari prompt that X-Ray gives you, it will open the browser to Shelfari. User-generated descriptions of books, characters, reviews, and readers’ favorite quotes are offered by Amazon’s online social reading community.

This is a feature for your refurbished kindle that is not going to be enjoyed by crime novel lovers, it will give away too much of the story’s mystery away. This feature might not be so useful to casual readers either, but it might work well for you if you are writing a term paper

For those who like to read in languages other than those with Latin character, the Kindle Touch 3G supports non-Latin character like those in Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Russian.

  • Kindle books

Reading any time on Kindle touch 3g

Amazon boasts more than 1 million titles with 800,000 for less than $9.99 and the Touch 3G Kindle can hold up to 3,000 books with the 4GB of internal memory. Amazon has got the top ten fiction hardback books of The New York Times best seller list.

You are allowed to read the first couple chapters of a book for free at Amazon before you decide if you want to buy it. Prime membership service to Amazon is one month free trial followed by $79 yearly, and if you subscribe you get to borrow from among 5,000 books, one book each month, including over a hundred and current and former New York Times best sellers without a due date. Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins are a few of the big names that are available.

When you select the end date, the price is displayed; buying the book later only costs the difference between the price for purchase and cost for rental. For 30 to 360 days students get to rent eligible Kindle textbooks and when the rental expires, you will retain access to your highlights and notes.

  • Kindle Newspapers & Magazines

Periodicals, such as USA Today and San Francisco Chronicle can be subscribed to starting at $5.99 per month. Most of them, you get on a 14-day free trial, The New York Times downloaded automatically. Readers’ Digest, Shape, and Time from 130 titles, magazine subscriptions start at $1.29. Abbreviated and text-heavy format is the way new issues will arrive. Your favorite blogs can be used to provide updates most being for only $0.99 a month.

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  • Non-Kindle Content

The 3G Kindle Touch supports PDF, unprotected MOBI, and PRC eBook formats, outside the Amazon ecosystem, which means you, can load free, out-of-copyright books. You can get instruction for loading books from gutenberg.org, archive.org, openlibrary.org and manybooks.net at Amazon.com/kindletouch

The public library is now accessible from the Kindle 3G Touch. A favorite source for eBooks, and with 11,000 local institutions retaining Kindle features such as notes and highlights, you can check out the e-books again when they become expired or buy them from the Kindle store. Your note and bookmarks are preserved by the book you buy.

As long as your files are 50MB or less, you can add Doc/DocX, PDF, TXT, RTF, HTML, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and PNG files via email to your Kindle Touch. You can use the microUSB connection to extract files from your PC to your device. Using 3G will cost you $0.15 per MB in the US but Wi-Fi is free.

  • Notes, sharing &Dictionary

Kindle Touch 3G Dictionery

Pressing and holding, then slowly dragging your pointer finger over the text you want highlights important passages and it more convenient on the new Refurbished Kindle Touch than on the base model Kindle Keyboard because it does not require a tiny d-pad, only your fingers. When you select than release you will see three buttons pop up that allows highlighting, add Note or Share. The options to delete, cancel, or save your thoughts pops up when the Add Note is activated and the blank box and keyboard is initiated. A footnote number appears once the save is selected and it is at the end of the highlighted text.

You can link passages in the book to your social networks through the Share feature. An automatically hashtag #Kindle is added to the message when in Twitter. A thumbnail of the book’s cover is pulled up in Facebook. The physical keyboard was missed when typing notes and sharing passages because of my error ridden hunt and peck technique.

You can rate the book or share your thought on the book on the final page of a Kindle e-book via an invite from Amazon.

As long as they have Public Notes on their device when they make a new note, you’ll see the passage highlighted along with their name so you can chose to follow them if you like the notes written, notes are another good way to connect to other readers. All this accomplished by visiting Amazon

You can search for and follow other Kindle readers by visiting kindle.amazon.com. Another way to connect with your fellow readers is with Public Notes, you also have the option to turn off the feature in the device settings.

The New Oxford American dictionary definition for the word “gesticulating” from the bookDo Androids Dream of Electric Sheep popped up in a box with the option to get full definition, highlight, note, or share the word when the word was longed press

Kindle 3G Touch: Life Cycle of the Battery

Two months without wireless on and approximately ten days with the wireless turned on, is the claim that Amazon has made about the Kindle Touch 3G. If you don’t use the device every day, it will also last for two months. The 3G Kindle Touch uses E Ink screens unlike the backlight screens of tablets and this is a big advantage of the Kindle. It means the tablet will only last about six hours while the Kindle will last for months and weeks. The long battery cycle is a major reason why people are being enticed to purchasing one of these devices. I’ve gotten three weeks of battery life in the last couple of months.

Kindle 3G Touch: What Consumers Are Saying

The Kindle Touch 3G has received great reviews from most consumers on the net with an average of 4.0 out of 5 from the most reviewers on Amazon.

  • The Kindle Touch 3G was everything the seller said and more. There’s no scratches, no signs of wear and was reset to..(read more) by sho, Amazon reviewer.
  • I love to read on Touch 3G, but have limited space though. The Kindle works out great and way easier on the eyes than..(read more) by Paul J Higgins, Amazon reviewer.
  • I still love my Touch 3G. The battery life is still amazing and it’s definitely more convenient than (read more) by Writingtired, Amazon reviewer

To get more Kindle Touch 3G reviews from the people who really use 3G Kindle Touch, Amazon is the best place. Visit here to read more Kindle Touch reviews.

Kindle 3G Touch: Limitations

  • One of the downwards I found with the device is that it has no dedicated button to turn the pages with, but it’s a touch screen and it gives you the alternative and the advantage of using the touchscreen and your fingers comfortably. You can turn the page left, right, forward and back.
  • Another downward I found is that the touch 3G is more expensive than Wi-FI. If you have Wi-Fi router already installed in your home is a great but if not the Kindle 3G Touch is the better and easiest option because there is no wireless setup, and it enables convenience of downloading books anytime, anywhere without Wi-Fi, on the go. These are the only two minor drawbacks when considering a Kindle Touch 3G.

Kindle 3G Touch: Final Word

If you are always on the road and if you see yourself buying books or sharing spontaneously on social media in moments of inspiration, the Kindle 3G Touch might just be for you. If you also plan on doing some beach reading, or in a bus or cafes, 3G Kindle Touch could also be for you. If it is at home usage then the Wi-Fi version is what you need to get. Fits into a pocket easily, provides a ton of options to get content and it is easy on your eyes.

Kindle Touch 3G Specs:

Product type E-book reader
Dimension 172 × 120 × 10.1 mm (6.8 × 4.7 × 0.40 in)
Weight 220 g
Screen size 6.0 inches, E Ink
Screen resolution 600 × 800 pixels
Network 3G
Wi-Fi Yes, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, mobile hotspot
Wi-Fi encryption WEP, WPA2, WPA
USB Yes, micro USB v2.0
3.5 Audio jack Yes
Browser Kindle
Web Browsing Type WAP
Colors Silver
Touchscreen Yes
Multi-touch Yes
Built-in-storage 4 GB, holds up to 4000 books
Free Cloud Storage Yes
OS Kindle OS 2.3 (Available update 5.0.1)
Processor Cortex-A8 800 MHz
Audio File Support MP3
Text Format Support PDF, TXT, HTML, DOC, MOBI,PRC
Image Format BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG
Integrated Dictionary Yes
Calendar Yes
Notepad Yes
Battery life Up to 60 days
Reading time 30 hours
Warranty Yes

Where to Buy Kindle Touch 3G

Amazon always puts plenty of time and money into keeping their pricing list competitive. As of this date, the price of Kindle 3G Touch was really engaging. Find here just to check today’s price and see if that’s still the case. Different sellers are also selling this product using Amazon. So, Amazon is the better place to see what would be the best deal for you.

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